Bali, Indonesia

Spent a week long vacation in Bali with two of my best friends. We stayed at Kuta Beach but travelled to Ubud, Uluwatu, and much more. Here are the highlights!

indian ocean at sunset
three baby sea turtles
girl sitting in hanging circle
witty sign about beer
two girls taking selfie at beach
girl with monkey on her head
girl holding baby sea turtle
two girls swinging
chicken sate
sunset at kuta beach
flowers and the indian ocean
three girls on a boat
three girls parasailing
two girls swinging
two yellow flowers
girl in the ocean
cliff and the ocean
lookout of houses and a pool
ocean and sky
girl sitting in hanging circle
looking up at a bare tree
three girls parasailing
three girls and a man outside hotel
girl sitting in the ocean
girl drinking lemonade
girl walking at the beach