Friendship Series: Lauren

I wanted to start a series on here where I could basically gush about my best friends, because I am surrounded by some of the kindest, most beautiful people on earth and I do not deserve them at all and they need to know how truly wonderful they are. So without further ado, here is the first installment of my friendship series.

(our first and latest pictures together, ew ew ew)

Lauren and I first 'met' on the Arcadia 2020 class page the summer before our freshman year. We bonded over Taylor Swift, Ed Sheehan, and Mat Kearney and almost instantly decided to become roommates. At the time I was thankful to know that I was going to be living with a nice, normal person, but little did I know I was actually going to be living with a real life saint (even tho she's an atheist, it's fine, she's still a literal saint). Lauren is the smartest, most loving, patient, reliable person I know. I could go on for paragraphs with all the positive adjectives in the world and it still would not be enough to describe her.

I am amazed by her friendship everyday. After living together for two years at school, I have tested her patience in my decision making definitely one too many times, and given her more stress than she ever deserved (thanks to my unfortunate taste in boys). However, through every single time I made a questionable decision, cried at 2 am, sat on the kitchen floor and contemplated life, she was there. Not only was she there, but she reassured me that everything was going to be okay and that even if everything else in our life goes to shit we will still always have each other. And I can never thank or repay her enough for that.

Now I'm only two paragraphs into this and it is already the sappiest thing you've ever read, I'm sure. Lauren is not only a kind, caring, compassionate human, but she is also the funniest person without even knowing it. She stress vacuums when things aren't going well, raps post malone all the time, gives fantastic nicknames to all the people in our life, will openly talk about cute boys being cute when we are unaware that they can hear us clear as day, will make pro con lists with me for any and all decisions (no matter how irrelevant they are), and her saladworks order is almost entirely carrots and pasta.

One of the thing that Lauren does best, and makes my day almost everyday, is sending texts.

Here are some of my favorites:

Lauren's friendship is something that I hope to never have to live without. She makes every day brighter, bad decision funnier, and I absolutely love her to pieces. While I am at school she is 110% my mom, she always makes sure I eat, do my homework, get up on time, and have my life as together as I can. I hope all of you find a friend as kind, caring, and supportive as her because everyone deserves a friendship like this. And Lauren, I know you're reading this, so thank you for everytime you woke me up so I didn't sleep through econ, and sat on the kitchen floor with me while I complained about everything in my life and you made us parma rosa, I love you.

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