Friendship Series: Maddie

We took a slight detour from the friendship series for a minute, but we're back and we're much happier.

Maddie has been one of my best friends since as long as I can remember. She's one of those people that I don't remember not having in my life and don't want to ever not have in my life. She also knows way too many awful embarrassing things about me to lose me as friend now, so you're stuck Maddie and I'm not sorry about it.

I hate that this picture exists

I honestly don't even know where to start with how amazing of a friend she is. The amount of times I have called her crying at 2am is obscene. And what's even more unbelievable is that she has answered every single time, and listened to me sob on my front porch over the dumbest shit. I genuinely could not ask for a more supportive person to have in my life. She has supported me through every single bad decision I've made whether it was not memorizing my lines for our partner scene in high school theater class or getting drunk and sending questionable texts or drinking 500 too many medium caramel iced coffees from dunkin.

Maddie and I have been through I think every situation a friendship can go through, good and bad.

Here's a list just to prove it:

1. I was with her the first time she broke with Ian, her current and long time boyfriend, in 8th grade over ooVoo chat

2. She and Ian drove me to post prom after my date ditched me for a party

3. She fell asleep instead of picking me up and driving us to opening night of our play. I called her mom, Cheryl, and had her wake Maddie up, we then stopped at Wendy's on the way and were very late

4. Maddie calmed me down when closing night of thats same play my actor got sick during intermission and couldn't perform the rest of the show

5. She gave my number to a hot waiter at applebees and almost got me a boyfriend out of it

6. She took me to ulta to help me cover up a hickey when I had no makeup, no money, and limited time

7. She talked on the phone to the guy at the car place who changed my oil and proceeded to answer questions about my car that even I didn't know the answer to

8. We've gone through the passings of grandparents together

9. We ~almost~ failed AP Gov together (she got a 4 on the AP test though because she's smart, I opted out of the test because I was over it)

10. Countless girl scout camping adventures that I could write a whole post about

11. We've both struggled with weight/body image issues (maddie you're beautiful, don't ever change)

Maddie is the most fun friend I've ever had. However, what I've learned from her over the past 10+ years of friendship is unimaginable. She has taught me the importance of laughter and how to find the humor in any and everything in life. I could never dream of being as funny as she is. I have more confidence in myself because of her, she reminds me to care about and believe in myself on a daily basis. The strength I've gained from this friendship is my proudest trait, we have both been through hell and back, but we've done it together.

In life you need to find people that make you smile when you don't want to, laugh when you don't think you can, and be confident when you didn't know you could be. Maddie has made me a better person, I am forever grateful for her and our friendship.

Maddie: thank you for always talking to strangers for me, riding fahrenheit twice in a row in the front cart with me, continuing to drive with me even though we almost die every time, and going out to eat when neither of us have any money to. You're undoubtedly the best, love you.

heres some my favorite pictures of us:

our natural state
overdosing on dunkin as per ususal

our two natural states: pizza and dunkin

a squad?

draus took my phone immediately after this was taken

Draus took my phone immediately after this was taken

these should both be burned

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