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Memories are a funny concept. It's always strange to think back on certain times in our lives, and see which moments have stuck with us through the years. I don't think I can really recall what my first memory is, but the one I always think back to from when I was young is when my grandma moved in with us and I would go up to her room and play checkers or parcheesi with her while the news played in the background. It's a fond memory, one that makes me smile when it pops into my head. I've also attached it to things in life, whenever I walk down a game aisle in a store I check to see if they sell parcheesi because just seeing the game itself makes me smile.

I don't think we hold on to moments because of the action that really took place, we hold on to them because of how they made us feel. Whether it was good or bad. I think you remember things because when they happened they made you feel something strong, you don't remember something that didn't make you feel anything, there's no point to that.

Think about it, I've been alive for twenty years. That's 245 months, 7,456 days, 178,962 hours, 10,737,747 minutes, 644,624,856 seconds. (and 143 dog years). That's a decent amount of time, but I don't really remember most of it. I mean, I've got the general idea of what's happened in my two decades, but as far as specific moments, there's only a select amount I recall.

Isn't strange to think that you remember something happening that someone else who was there may have no recollection of? For example, I remember in third grade being on a Disney cruise ship waiting in line to meet Captain Hook and Mr. Smee with my sister. When we got up to the characters my sister exclaimed her excitement to be meeting Mr. Smee, her favorite character. Captain Hook did not take that very well and proceeded to stare me down and viciously ask whether or not he was my favorite. I was 8 years old, with a fear of people in costumes, a distaste for the movie Peter Pan and now a villain was interrogating me as to whether or not I liked him. Naturally, I lied and said he was indeed my favorite character, but the fear I felt in that moment has stayed with me to this day. Now I doubt the actor that was playing Captain Hook at the time remembers anything from our interaction, but I'll never forget it.

The craziest part about memories is that we have no idea the impact we are having on anyone at any given time. We live our lives everyday and only hang on to bits and pieces of them as we go on. Do you know how many different people's memories you are a part of without even knowing? Or remembering them at all? It's bizarre.

We all have a lot of not so good memories that we hang on to. I know as a waitress I have had many an awful customer that has made me feel like shit that I'll never forget. They probably wouldn't recognize me if I was right in front of them now, but I'll never forget them. However, I've also had a lot of wonderful customers who have made my day and told me kind things that I will always hang on to.

I guess my point here is that we tend to live our lives a little selfishly everyday, we are always focused on ourselves, how we feel, and how a situation is going to either benefit or hurt us. It isn't often that we take the time to notice and consider those around us and the impact our words and actions could have on them. We should try to be a part of more happy memories for people than bad ones. Simply taking the time to just be kind to someone, whether or not they're a stranger, is all it really takes. It's pretty simple, and actually really easy.

The impact that we have on people is lasting. My favorite example of this is about my grandfather, my dad's dad. I was only three when he died, I have no actual memory of him. If I had never been shown a picture of him I wouldn't be able to tell you what he looked like. However, because he was a quiet, kind, loving person to everyone he met in life I have a wonderful perception of who he was. Every story I have ever been told about him, from family and others, has been nothing but good things, he lived his life in the most courageous and kind way he could, and even though I didn't really know him I admire him for that.

No matter how insignificant an interaction may seem, it is making an impression on those around you. So, be kind, be courteous, be thoughtful. You could be a lasting memory for someone around you, so make it a good one.


Here are some more gifs of harry styles being the wonderful human he is because everyone could use a little more harry in their lives.

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