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What My Tattoos Mean: Collaboration with Felicia Nicole

Tattoos. I love them, my grandma not so much. I think they're a beautiful way to display memories, art you'll have forever. Currently I have four tattoos, in April I have an appointment to get my fifth. The overall "theme" of my tattoos is nature and they're 75% floral. Ironic because I can't keep a plant alive for the life of me, but oh well. Here's what my four pieces mean to me, and head over to, the wonderful, Felicia's blog to read all about her tattoos too.

First Tattoo: Lilac

I got my first tattoo my freshman year of college, a classic cliche. I honestly never really thought I'd go through with getting a tattoo, but I'm so glad I did. I got a small color realism of a lilac on my left wrist. Lilacs were my paternal grandmothers favorite flowers. She passed away when I was in third grade, but I was lucky to know her as well as I did, the purple flower was always been a reminder of her my whole life and now I have it with me forever.

The day I got it vs now (two years difference)

Second Tattoo: Sun and Wave

Sophomore year rolled around and I was itching for another tattoo, this time I went with a simple black line work drawing of the sun over a wave on the top of my spine/back of my neck. Fairly basic, true. For me it represents my Uncle who passed away when I was in fourth grade. One reason being that the last real memories I have with him were on a trip to Cape Cod and another trip on a Disney cruise. Also, on a little bit of a more cheesy level, he was the happiest, most joyful, funny, uplifting, person in our family. Genuine sunshine. After he passed everyone in my family felt a huge gap in all of us. Plants can't survive without sun and water, all of my other tattoos are plants for family members and he is the glue that keeps everyone going.

The day I got it vs today (year and a half difference, ignore the blur this was difficult to photograph alone)

Third Tattoo: Snapdragon

My snapdragon tattoo is a black and grey realism piece on my right ribcage, I got it done during my junior year in Australia. One of my Grandma Bechtol's favorite flowers were snapdragons, and the last card I got from her in the mail has snapdragons on it. She passed away my senior year of high school. She was one of the most inspiring people in my life, I miss her dearly. Snapdragons also represent grace and strength, two traits she carried effortlessly with her everyday.

The day I got it vs today (five month difference)

Fourth Tattoo: Cactus

My little cactus on my left inner arm is my most recent tattoo, I got it about a month ago here in London. It doesn't have a super deep meaning behind it, but it does remind me of my sister. When we were kids we had been in home depot where she decided to grab a cactus so tight that she covered her hand in pricks, in the car on the way home she wanted to get them out so she decided to lick her hand. Not the best idea. She spent the rest of the ride home sobbing with cactus needles in her hand and her tongue. It's my favorite story and every time I see my tattoo I smile.

The day I got it vs today (month and a half difference)

(Soon to be) Fifth Tattoo: Baby's Breath Bouquet

I am going to get my fifth tattoo in mid April and I can't freaking wait. It is for my first pup, Jake, who passed away in this past November. He was my baby boy, and the last time I took him to the park I captured this gem of him stopping to sniff some baby's breath flowers. It's going on the back of my left elbow.

I can't find the baby's breath picture of him right now, but here he is with some ice cream.

Future plans:

I know I want more tattoos and they will most likely stay within the floral theme, but time will tell. My two tattoo tips for people as terrified of commitment and indecisive as me:

1. have a friend draw the piece you want (or something similar) in the placements you are thinking of to help you choose where will be best

2. research, research, and more research for both artists and studios, it's so important.

Don't forget to read Felicia's story and follow her Instagram, you'll love her!

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